Current Opportunities

NBI Partnership
Desktop Support Engineer

Salary: £25,315 - £30,875

Providing first and second-line computing support to the computer users of the Norwich Bioscience Institutes (NBI).

Post: 1003918
Posted: 27 Jul 2020
Closes: 10 Aug 2020
NBI Partnership
Contracts Manager

Salary: £40,785 - £49,750

The Norwich Bioscience Institutes Partnership (NBIP) has an exciting opportunity for an experienced Contracts Manager to join their busy Research Grants and Contracts department.

Post: 1003916
Posted: 20 Jul 2020
Closes: 16 Aug 2020
John Innes Centre
Postdoctoral Researcher

Salary: £32,255 - £39,345

Investigate the epigenetic regulation of germline development as part of a project funded by ERC. The Feng laboratory uses the Arabidopsis male germline as a model system to study the mechanisms underlying germline epigenetic reprogramming.

Post: 1003920
Posted: 27 Jul 2020
Closes: 6 Sep 2020
Quadram Institute Bioscience
Business Development Manager

Salary: £32,255 - £39,345

Engage with external organisations to seek out, define and deliver funding opportunities for QIB Group Leaders.

Post: 1003845
Posted: 29 Jul 2020
Closes: 5 Sep 2020

Salary: £25,315 - £30,875

Join a technical support team and be responsible for collection, cataloguing, storage and processing of human samples (blood, stool, urine, swabs, breast milk etc.

Post: 1003919
Posted: 24 Jul 2020
Closes: 9 Aug 2020

Salary: £32,255 - £39,345

Working in the Research e-Infrastructure team at the Earlham Institute in Norwich, the role will be tasked with maintaining and updating an extensive and important on-site cloud biological data analysis platform: CyVerse UK.

Post: 1003921
Posted: 4 Aug 2020
Closes: 1 Sep 2020